3d Model Request In-Library Use

Bring your ideas to life with our 3d Model printing service. The library uses a MakerBot SKETCH printer to fulfill print requests.

How To Request 3d Models:

  1. Design Your File: Tinkercad and SketchUp are both software options for creating 3d designs. You can also purchase or download free files from sites such as Etsy and Thingiverse.
  2. Send Us Your File: Submit your STL File Here. 
  3. Pick Up. You will be notified when your print is ready to be picked up.  Pick up only available at Richland Library Main.

About 3d Printing

  • Free prints are limited to one project per customer every 1 month. 
  • All prints must be a maximum size of 150mm x 150mm x 150mm.
  • Files must take no more than 6 hours to print.
  • Staff reserve the right to refuse any print job.
  • The public will not be permitted to use the Library's 3D printers to create material that is prohibited by law, unsafe or dangerous to the well-being of others, obscene or inappropriate for the Library environment, or in violations of another's intellectual property rights.

Learn More

Log in to Richland Library's LinkedIn Learning Database to take classes on 3d Printing, Tinkercad, SketchUp, prototyping and more.