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This item is located in the Fiberworks Studio of the Main Library. Please email to inquire about using the machine.

Safety Notice: Users must read and comply with all safety measures recommended by the product manufacturer. While some personal protective gear may be provided, users are responsible for providing any additional equipment necessary for safe product use. Users must inspect equipment for damage or safety concerns before use.


The Sailrite Ultrafeed LSZ-1 PLUS Sewing Machine package features our powerful, portable, straight/zigzag stitch walking foot sewing machine loaded up with many of our best accessories. This package is perfect for someone who needs an easily portable, heavy-duty machine, for boat owners looking to sew heavy canvas or sailcloth on their boat, or for a home sewer wanting a machine that can handle the toughest sewing assemblies. The Ultrafeed LSZ-1 Sewing Machine excels in performance and versatility, sewing in both straight and zigzag stitches. Built with the toughest, most dependable parts, the Ultrafeed easily sews through heavy materials like sailcloth, heavy canvas, denim and upholstery fabrics, but it’s also versatile enough to sew through lighter home fabrics with ease. Its sewing capabilities have been proven in up to 10 layers of heavy canvas and eight layers of Dacron sailcloth.

Sewing Capabilities

The Ultrafeed features a 3/8-inch-high foot lift and a best-in-class needle bar stroke, so you can sew virtually anything you can fit underneath the foot. The Ultrafeed can be easily adjusted to sew lighter weight home décor fabric, too, so it can be your go-to machine for numerous projects. Set the variable stitch length up to 6mm in straight stitch and up to 5mm in zigzag width and you’re ready to go. The


Ultrafeed will easily sew through fabrics like:

·       Heavy canvas

·       Sailcloth

·       Upholstery fabrics

·       Denim

·       Vinyl

·       Window material

·       Soft leather

·       Drapery material


Kit Includes

·       Ultrafeed LSZ-1 PLUS Sewing Machine

·       20 Fabric Clips

·       1 Seam Ripper

·       Fabric shears

·       Manual